FEBC is a movement of over 500 Evangelical Baptist churches in Canada united through faith in Christ working nationally and around the world.   

In Canada, the Fellowship assists local churches, providing training and support for pastors and other church leaders.  Interactions between The Fellowship and local churches are accomplished through various Regions.  Regional responsibilities also include church planting, church consultations and leadership development to train and equip effective leaders.   The Fellowship exists for the benefit of our churches.  Together we will embrace the challenges and opportunities to minister to our country and our world.


Around the world, The Fellowship partners with Canadian churches, pastors and members through strategic ministries to reach the world for Christ.  Appeals are designed to identify needs in different parts of the world.  These appeals are opportunities to participate in alleviating suffering and social injustice and to get involved in Kingdom-building through FAIR.  (Fellowship Aid and International Relief)

FAIR enables Fellowship churches and individual donors to alleviate human suffering and social injustice in the name of Christ.  Appeals are designed to identify some of the needs in different locations around the world.  Whether in response to an emergency or in support of Fellowship International missionary or partner organization ministries, these appeals are a great opportunity to get involved and participate in alleviating suffering and social injustice through FAIR.  To see where help is needed, check out the website for opportunities around the world.