1 Timothy 2:8-15

 There are few things that can divide the church like the subject of women in leadership.  But, what if instead of judging, throwing temper tantrums and unfriending those we disagree with, what if we had the same attitude as Christ who humbled himself in obedience to God. With Christ-like humility, with love and respect, let's dig into these words from the apostle Paul.

We will be celebrating Communion in each service this Sunday. If you are watching from home, and would like to participate, please have your own communion supplies and we will partake together.

Northstar will be hosting 2 in-house services on Sundays

Registration is open

Services are at 9AM & 11AM

Online service is at a new time - 11AM

Join us for a LIVE (but small) weekend service at Northstar Church! 

Our hope and vision for these onsite services is that they will be a place for believers to once again experience the encouragement that comes from the gathering of Christ’s body, to connect with other believers, and to worship together in song. However we know it will feel different and due to capacity limitations (50 people in the main auditorium, 30 people in lower service: Please select location when registering!) and health precautions, many pieces of the service have been simplified compared to our regular church experience. We ask that each service remain separate-if you attend the lower service, do not interact with the upper service and vice-versa.

In order to facilitate this, we require pre-registration for services. 

Follow the link to our registration page on Church Center. Registration is easy and will let us know you're coming!