As our province reopens under certain guidelines and restrictions, we are excited to gather with you once again in person. We are hosting two Sunday services to accommodate up to 50 people each, with a separate downstairs livestream viewing of up to 30 people, with close observance of social distancing and health guidelines provided by our government. 


  • If you register for a service please make it a priority to come: only 10 mins early to check in and attend the entire service as you will be taking up someone else’s opportunity to worship. You will not be allowed to enter the auditorium until the cleaning process is finished and one hour has passed since the previous service.
    • both services feature the same preaching roster. This means you will get to hear the same message at both services, with the 9am service being recorded for online viewers at 11AM
  • Please do not attend more than one service per Sunday! We would like to make room for as many as would like to, to be able to attend. This requires great patience with the process and sincere consideration for others.
  • a third service may be added midweek to accommodate those unable to attend weekends.

Please register yourself and your family for each service online in advance. If you need help or cannot do it yourself, please call the church office and we will help. This will help to make sure we don’t need to turn anyone away.

If you are sick or ill with COVID symptoms please stay home. We suggest that you remain safe in your home and either join our online worship right here on the website.


  1. Once you’ve arrived on the Church Center page, click events and select which service you’d like to pre-register for.
  2. You can then read the service details and click register.
  3. You’ll then be prompted to enter either your phone number or your email address to get your profile started. This will start the process to creating a profile for you (and your household) that will be remembered – that’s right, you will not have to enter your information every time. If you are already a regular attender, it is likely that you will already have some basic info in the planning center system. Just click on your name and your profile will be all set up.
  4. Check off each family member (if more than one) that will be attending the selected service.

If you are unable to access the internet or need help registering – please contact one of the staff via phone or email, we’ll do our best to get back to you and get you registered for whichever service you intend on attending!

When you arrive on Sunday, we’ll be able to find your registration and check you in!