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Northstar Church’s Response to the COVID-19

As at March 13, 2020

1. Although there have not been any cases of COVID-19 identified in our immediate community as of yet, we recognize that this situation may not last long and we wish to be prepared if and when our church and community is directly impacted.

2. As leaders, our goal is to lead – not react and therefore we are committed to staying informed daily, by the medical professionals regarding the changes that are happening and steps we should be taking to protect the most vulnerable among us.

3. We emphasize those steps that are specific to church settings, such as:

a. We encourage people to stay at home if they are sick or have any indication of possible sickness.
b. We encourage those who have compromised immune systems to stay at home at this time.
c. We encourage the use of the 5 sanitizer stations on the main level of the church:

        1. at the main entrance
        2. at the top of the stairs to the basement
        3. at the entrance to the kitchen
        4. each at the entrance to each washroom

d. We encourage hand washing with soap.
e. We encourage people to avoid hugs and hand-shakes because this virus is mostly transmitted through droplets.
f. We have placed an offering box at the rear of the sanctuary between the double doors where you can place your tithes and offerings – we will not be passing offering bags from person to person at this time.
g. We have been advised that the social distance to avoid transmission of contagious droplets is 2 metres – when we gather, we encourage you to consider this when you decide where to sit or stand.
h. For those who are unaware, our sermons are placed online on our website ( within an hour of the end of each service.

4. We can play our part by avoiding to become a burden on our health care system through many simple acts of sacrifice.

5. This situation is changing rapidly and as leaders we will endeavour to keep you informed by email, on our website and other means of communication as we receive updates.