Welcome to Northstar’s NEW Mentoring Ministry Webpage!  

As you look through the information on our piloting of a new ministry, don’t expect perfection, but expect that we are a church aspiring to look, think and act more like Jesus.  Looking at the Lord’s life we see how central mentoring is in passing on the truths of living a gospel centered life.

When it comes to the mentoring matches, we will be looking to coat these individuals and groups in prayer.

Our process is that all mentors coming through our mentoring process will have a brief check in with a Pastor about if there is anything in their life that would make serving as a mentor a “not yet”.

We will then take our list of mentor applicants and send this list to the mentee’s to choose a top 3 choices for mentors. The Mentoring Leadership Team will take these groups and look to make the best possible matches.  Mentoring can be done in 1 on 1 or in groups of 3 to 4. Special arrangements made between a mentor & mentee are perfectly acceptable.    

Also the time frame and frequency of weekly meetings will be approximately between February and mid May. Yes, you can go longer if you want, but it is good to have an end date as a starting point.

After this trial run we will be looking to learn from the experience and continue the mentoring ministry matches and seminar in the fall. 

If you have any more questions, or would like to be a part of supporting this new ministry in prayer/practical helps/passion/etc. contact   

Pastor Dave MacPhee [email protected] Office # 250 992-8830